Take two, things that shaped me. Get to know the real me.

When I wrote an “About Me”, I did it forcefully. I wanted to jump in the train that Quy Ma created — a glorious train for everyone by the way. I thought that I will increase my views by adding links, etc.

Then, I stumbled across Michelle Loucadoux, MBA’s “About Me”. It wasn't like any other story in this publication. It was a second try. Moreover, it was an honest piece. It got me to know her better, further understand her vision when writing.

I wanted to write an “About Me” story for my Buy Me A Coffee campaign as…

With little experience, I made it myself as well.

For months I struggled to make it to big publications. Not that it matters, I have stories that are in smaller publications that have way more views and interaction.

But why not aim for a more niche audience? With a potential for more eyeballs?

When I wrote the first story that made it to The Ascent, I was thrilled. I knew that I touched something unique, gave valuable insight on a topic, and did something right, talking about how my life looked like without technology for 15 days. But I wasn't aware of the template that got me there.


Sometimes, self-publishing will lead to getting published in bigger publications. It got me surprised for sure.

Usually, I look to post in publications for every story that I write to draw more eyeballs to my stories. Although I’m having almost 1000 followers, the reach is 10x more when publishing in pubs.

The other day, I decided to self-publish.

Well, I wanted to test some things out. To see how my story performs when standing on its own foot. I wanted to share right away, which self-publishing offers.

Anyway, some hours after publishing my piece,(The Most Important Social Media For Every Creator) I get a notification.

It’s the free decentralized version of Tweeter. My coin is $3 worth already.

BitClout account of Giorgos Pantsios
BitClout account of Giorgos Pantsios

This will be a quick one. I’m so excited to talk about our opportunity to earn more by spending nothing!

Okay, today I stumbled upon this social media site, claiming to be the decentralized version of Twitter. With Binance’s NFT Marketplace coming in June, we have one more place to use as creators. That’s BitClout.

What is BitClout?

BitClout is the decentralized version of Tweeter.

BitClout is revolutionary for the fact that fans are rewarded for supporting their favorite person. It’s social media where supporting someone means investing in them. And investing in them means that you are increasing their value. …

Is milking your paycheck’s number the way to go?

Today, I saw one of Medium’s finest talking about how they made a significant amount of money last month. But I recall them talking about the same thing couple of days ago as well.

The only thing that changed was slightly the title. Still bait-ish, same content.

Some questions were raised in my mind.

Do they have any dignity?
Did they sell their souls to make money “writing”?
Is this the joy that one finds when making a living out of writing?

I even questioned my future and if I want to be a part of this system. …

Be ahead of the market, prepare for Binance’s NFT marketplace coming in June.

I’m an artist. Apart from the fact that I write articles here, I experiment with phone photography.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is a great way for me to earn something for my unique work. So, I tried to learn more about it. Being ahead of the fast-growing market is always a problem. Today, I feel like I found my gem.

I want to share it with you.

Although NFTs are selling in many blockchains as of now, Binance’s NFT marketplace is bound to be the biggest in the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) ecosystem. And probably one of the biggest in NFT.

Used by J.K Rowling as well, the loci method is proven to increase your memory and efficiency.

Sherlock Holmes’s Mind Palace
Sherlock Holmes’s Mind Palace

I have a problem with remembering things, especially numbers and lists. Tell me your phone number, and I’ll fuze the numbers in my head in the first 5 minutes. If I read a list, I have to revisit it every single moment because I’ll forget what was the next bullet talking about.

Last year, I had to be part of the military — it’s compulsory in Greece. It was the best moment for me to live without technology for 15 days.

The thing is that I had to memorize my mother’s number, to call her and comfort her that everything…

Your experience made you pickier, it’s the logical outcome to hate your titles.

Sigh. I hate my titles most of the time. I find them generic. Like I’ve seen it a hundred times already, from other writers. Especially from top writers.

That’s where I’m wrong. The fact that I’ve seen this sort of title many times before shows the fact that’s a great title. It got used by many others before me, so it’s perfectly good.

The only thing that changed is my experience and perspective.

When you see titles, as a writer, you see them from a writer's perspective. Not a reader perspective. That’s what makes you picky about them.

And when…

I accidentally stumbled upon Blogroll today.

Screenshot from Medium’s Designer option
Screenshot from Medium’s Designer option

We often try to socialize on Medium, following people back or trying to find recent stories to support. It was harder, but now things are changing.

Medium is helping us, more than we think of.


Let me explain.

Medium added a valuable option of seeing what people the person you clicked on is following.

Precisely, Medium is giving us the opportunity to see the 5 writers that published most recently. If you can see on my screenshot above, two publications posted right now, ILLUMINATION is one of them.

I’m so excited because of the math you’ll see behind this.

Got corn? What does it mean? What a darn deep question.

Did you click on my article because of my funny image attempt?

If yes, you need to question why did that work.

If no, then I have to question why I went for a cheesy failed attempt to capture the audience.

One thing that Medium taught me in the months I’m writing here is that you need to pay attention to what people highlight in your stories.

That observation led me to the conclusion that people like to highlight questions. They also like to highlight answers to those questions as well.

Asking questions increases likability, period.

The real question is…

Giorgos Pantsios

Fulltime Writer | Fulltime learner | Polymath from Greece | Exploring life | Modern Philosopher | https://linktr.ee/giorgospantsios

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