[GUIDE] How To Use MoonsSwap To Trade Your Reddit’s Moons For BUSD

A quick guide on how to use MoonsSwap to buy and sell Reddit’s Moons for BUSD, BSC’s stable coin.

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MoonsSwap’s main page
MoonsSwap’s main page

Yesterday we saw the PR for MoonsSwap, the leading platform to exchange Reddit’s Moons for cash. A place that gives Moons substantial value by making them easily tradeable, solving Testnet’s valueless problems.

Today, we’ll dive into the details on how to do it. Once you get a grasp on the method, it’s a process that happens in 2 minutes tops.

If you already own a wallet on Reddit plus a wallet on BSC or Metamask, skip the MoonsSwaping 101 section.

MoonsSwaping 101: Setting up Metamask/BSC and Reddit Chain

This one-time setup is the only thing that needs time, but as far as it’s done, nothing holds you from buying or selling Moons on MoonsSwap.

BEP-20 Wallet Setup

For a trade to happen in MoonsSwap, the first thing you need is a BEP-20 address.

Furthermore, you need to create an account on Binance to deposit some BUSD in your wallet, to exchange them with Moons.

To create a Binance account, you can use this link.

You can either create a Metamask wallet or a BSC wallet, both of them being able to handle BEP-20 tokens.

If you don't own a wallet yet, this guide below will help you accordingly.

Reddit’s Vault Setup

Provided by Reddit itself, this is the fastest way to create a Vault on Reddit, for your Moons to exist in your wallet.

NOTICE: You need a phone with IOS or Android to create a vault



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