I Quit Medium For 1 Year And People Are Still The Same

Hey! Wake up!

Giorgos Pantsios


Photo by Bayarkhuu Battulga on Unsplash

I’ve been off for my own sake because I couldn't stand the same content thrown to my face again and again

Life has been kinda good lately. I have a job that keeps me busy.

But writing…Oh, I miss writing. I miss giving flesh to my thoughts, and making people relate to my stories. Many times I opened Medium, ready to write my heart out and show my emotions to the readers.

But every time I open Medium, it’s the same type of content in my feed.

“How I made X amount of money while working 10 minutes”

“How to gain 212492 followers in two days”


People, why are we chewing the same content again and again?

Why are we giving a motive to people to write the same content and earn money from us?

Where’s the old good content that makes us read and think instead of reading and spending our valuable time?

I’m not sure if I want to ever come back to this kind of Medium. I may not have the biggest influence around here, and I don't want to anyways. But if you want to make a change to a system that pushes the same kind of recycled stories in your face constantly, you are important.

These are the first words I type after a very long inactive time of building myself, and I don't know what I can bring after so long.

If my stories can have a different amount of gravity in them, pulling readers in.

But I’m willing to try, in a platform where stories are meaningful and will leave you with thoughts. Are you in?

Keep an eye on me, maybe I’m still here.



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