Take two, things that shaped me. Get to know the real me.

I love creating memes…What can I say (:

When I wrote an “About Me”, I did it forcefully. I wanted to jump in the train that Quy Ma created — a glorious train for everyone by the way. I thought that I will increase my views by adding links, etc.

Then, I stumbled across Michelle Loucadoux, MBA’s “About Me”. It wasn't like any other story in this publication. It was a second try. Moreover, it was an honest piece. It got me to know her better, further understand her vision when writing.

I wanted to write an “About Me” story for my Buy Me A Coffee campaign as…

Take two moments and look back. Inspired by Will Hunting.

Today I watched Will Hunting again, after some years. With different eyes now, I see the movie from another perspective. It was a scene (end of the article) that fueled my need to write this down, to let it all out. As I’m growing, I’m becoming more and more of what I crave to be. A human.


You got abandoned in your life. Maybe it was your parents or some friends. Maybe it was your love that picked you up and threw you down. Your lack of empathy is reflecting in everyone that tries to give you some emotions back.

A quick guide on how to use MoonsSwap to buy and sell Reddit’s Moons for BUSD, BSC’s stable coin.

MoonsSwap’s main page
MoonsSwap’s main page

Yesterday we saw the PR for MoonsSwap, the leading platform to exchange Reddit’s Moons for cash. A place that gives Moons substantial value by making them easily tradeable, solving Testnet’s valueless problems.

Today, we’ll dive into the details on how to do it. Once you get a grasp on the method, it’s a process that happens in 2 minutes tops.

If you already own a wallet on Reddit plus a wallet on BSC or Metamask, skip the MoonsSwaping 101 section.

MoonsSwaping 101: Setting up Metamask/BSC and Reddit Chain

This one-time setup is the only thing that needs time, but as far as it’s done, nothing holds you from…

Take your chance through our unique publication!


I, Giorgos Pantsios, am proud to give you the ability to write about Medium’s Writer Challenge for this month.

I would love to see stories about unlearning but from the death perspective.

What does that mean?

Killing the old, bringing the new.

Unlearning is a process of death and reincarnation. It’s more than shifting perspectives.

You can submit stories with the tag #MWC Death as they relate to the concept.

I will aim my stories to be challenge-related, for the sake of August’s challenge.

Make sure to use that one tag needed, and it will be eligible to win.


And the birth of a human

Photo by Iluha Zavaley on Unsplash

A small piece dedicated to all the women that got killed by a man in Greece in 2021.

There’s a corpse of a dead man inside of me. It’s okay though.

I’ve hidden him there. He had to stay on the dark side. Reflecting on what he could be in the future made me sick of him.

This man was just like every other man. The men of the past. He had strange beliefs. Manly beliefs.

And for that, he had to die. He had to be removed by society. And no one would imprison me for murdering him.


This is great news for all of us, but why?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Today, you have the ability to look at some other stats as well!

Is it enough to make one of the Medium rewards, though?

Screenshot of July’s views by me
Screenshot of July’s views by me

A month of motivation. July, was the turning point in my career as a writer. Not because of my views on the platform, but because I’ve decided how I want to approach my writing career.

The rewards that Medium offered made me want to write more than any other month.

And so I did. With 20 stories (this and one more coming up), I’ve written more than ever.

But that’s not why I write this. It’s because of the success I had this month.

4x last month’s earnings but with only 2x the views.

I aimed my stories accordingly.


4 reasons that is, from my first ever publication — UNLEARN

My first publication, UNLEARN image courtesy of BlanketBurrito

Creating a publication was a dream of mine since my first day on Medium. I had some ideas on what I wanted to explore, but life happened and I couldn’t give shape to my vision.

I wanted to make a place where people can share lessons from their life that they had to unlearn. Either from family, society, friends, etc. I want to learn and teach along the way and grow as a person, so I wanted to share my vision with others. And then Unlearn (with the U symbolizing U-turn) was created.

I created it and then I noticed…

Close your eyes to these 4 things and you’ll feel better with your time on Medium

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I’ve been active on this platform for around a year. I had my ups and downs like every other writer, I’m sure.

But many lessons from writers made me feel like I will never make it to the top writer list on Medium.

I felt like I HAD to follow some guidelines to make it.

I’m sure that every beginner feels the same way. Well, this is for you.

The reality is, that you don't need to follow some of the guidelines that others show to you as right.

You are here to debunk 5 myths of writing on Medium…

How and what to submit for UNLEARN.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Welcome new writers!

This publication is made with sharing in mind. By sharing your experiences and reading other’s experiences back.

I want you to be creative with your stories, but here I will show you some things that I think are vital to maintaining a high quality for our publication.

To be a writer for Unlearn, leave a comment with your username below. It’s as simple as that.

After that, click “add to publication” and choose UNLEARN.

I will publish it in 24 hours tops, for now.

As for editors, It’s run by me right now. I hope it will grow out to…

Giorgos Pantsios

Top Writer | Fulltime learner | Polymath from Greece | Exploring life | Modern Philosopher | https://linktr.ee/giorgospantsios

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